Guide Profiles

Frank Murphy
The founder of Murphy's Lodge spent all his younger life as a professional hunter and operated a live deer capture helicopter base at Motu for 9 years. Deciding for a change in life style he reverted back to his first love "Dry Fly fishing". Founding the Lodge 20 years ago he has now built an international reputation as a "Master of the Dry Fly". As the longest serving President of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association with a 160 members throughout NZ, Frank has built up close friendships with all of New Zealand's top guides.

Tony Murphy
Tony is the other full time guide at the lodge. Hunting and fishing all his life in the area, he went to boarding school with all the local farmers' sons so specialises in four wheel drive back country roads and private farm tracks in the area. He also personally plans and guides all helicopter trips. Tony also introduces "do it yourself anglers" to the Ruakituri River for a day, before they take over the cabin to do their own thing. His expertise in guided Nymph fishing for trophy trout in Eastern waters is unequalled. Tony also specialises in turkey shooting and has access to the only wild peacock shooting in New Zealand.

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